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Psilocybin Retreat Sanctum

At our Psilocybin Retreat Sanctum, our aim is to introduce sacred psychedelics and ceremony into the wellness space. Additionally, we promote and provide a platform for many women healers working in this area by emphasizing Mexican spiritual traditions as well as modern applications of these plant medicines. We are well known for our lighthearted yet compassionate approach to serious, deep healing. In an atmosphere of support, we believe we can release deep traumas and bring joy back into life. Our retreats provide classes in mindfulness meditation and, when appropriate, utilize sacred teacher plants such as Ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, San Pedro cactus and cannabis as sacred teacher plants. Each retreat group consists of three guests for every leader ensuring an intimate experience that combines the sacred with the modern; traditional ways with fresh insights; divine with everyday living.

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Psychedelics ( Psilocybin )

Throughout human history, psychedelics have had tremendous ceremonial and medicinal importance. Recent clinical studies only support what our predecessors already understood about psilocybin mushrooms: they have the power to help people heal.The brain is a complex organ and it is generally left unsaid that changing the way your mind compartmentalizes trauma and assorted intrusive thoughts can be easier said than done. Conventional therapies may not always produce the results you hoped for, and medications can create side effects worse than the problems they intend to solve. Lifestyle changes can also be met with resistance and often seem to only take you so far. Psilocybin-assisted therapy can provide an accelerated path to deep healing, new perspectives, connectedness, and feelings of well-being. 91% of our retreat guests consider their experience with us “positively life-changing.” Having helped over a thousand guests make significant improvements in their struggles with depression, anxiety, and trauma, we are one of the longest-serving psychedelic retreat centers in the world. Our goal is to provide an experience that delivers long-lasting benefits and positive change. In our pursuit of a gold-standard retreat model, we have reviewed and adapted the best practices for psychedelic-assisted therapy from prestigious research institutes such as Johns Hopkins University and Imperial College London. Combining this with beautiful natural environments, we offer a way to explore legal psilocybin-assisted therapy that is evidence-based and highly effective. "I’m off my antidepressants and proud of myself; I just feel like a more fully integrated person. That negative critic inside my head has just almost totally shut up. My friends have noticed the difference and are already signing up for their own retreats with Myco!""My anxiety, a "10" going in, varies from zero to one or two. This change is, without a doubt, absolutely astonishing."

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Our mission is to bring sacred psychedelics and ceremony into the wellness space.

Psilocybin Retreat Sanctum Offers

Retreat prices include: accommodations, meals, transportation, massage, session facilitation and integrations services. . These prices DO NOT include the cost of mushroom medicine for your retreat. Psilocybin is legal in Mexico when done in a ceremonial and sacramental context. Due to current regulations outside of Mexico, The Buena Vida does not include the cost of the mushrooms in the retreat package price. Guests will be served medicine at the discretion of the medicine man/woman at the retreat under their guidance and our collective decision. Guests will be asked to pay a service fee to the shaman, whatever they decide is fair, for the medicine and their time. Shamans will always give medicine for free if someone cannot pay. In this challenging landscape we are committed to providing our guests with the safest, most legal option in psilocybin-assisted retreats.

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