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Born and raised in the community of Betania, Maestro Soi was born into a family of Maestros. This intimate connection between the plants and his family lineage gifted him his unique name that’s taken from the feminine aspect of the sacred Tree, Noya Rao. ’Soi’ refers to the soft luminous light – an accurate description of Soi’s energetic essence. 39 yrs old, Maestro Soi’s healing path began.

Simone Ribeiro de Paula

She comes from Roaboya, a small native community outside Puerto Rico. She has a natural gift for this work, having been immersed in the world of plant medicine since she was a young child. Olga’s Shipibo name is “Bawan Same.” In her native language, “bawan” is the name of a brightly colored parrot that is known to have the characteristics of intelligence and kindness.

Baru Alegria – Facilitator and translator

Baru is a warm soul who will accompany you throughout your stay. She was born in the forests of the Bohemian Highlands and nature and the Earth have become her lifelong teachers. She felt a strong calling to discover the secrets of a happy and joyful life and to inspire and support others on this journey. ‘

Omar Yumbo - Facilitator

Omar is a very humble and calm person who has been assisting his Father-in-Law (Don Carlos) in Ayahuasca ceremonies for many years now. His profession is also guiding people in the forest, bringing in his deep knowedge of rainforest medicinal plants, animals and tribal life in the jungle.

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