Retreat Journey

Stage 1


Preparation begins the moment you commit to experiencing your deepest truth with us your facilitators, and the mushrooms as your allies. Simply committing to the process will bring about major shifts in your perspectives and priorities. The preparation phase of the retreat program typically lasts between 4-8 weeks.
The purpose of this phase is to begin or continue to: -Build trust in the process and with us, your facilitators -Microdose and/or minidose -Connect with and strengthen your relationship with the mushroom spirit -Reflect upon certain facets of your life (relationships, environment, diet, work, community, etc.) -Feel and express emotions -Let go of habits that cause you and others harm -Set and clarify intentions for your retreat experience -Sit with and alleviate some of the anxiety that arises as you step outside your comfort zone
To support you through the preparation phase, we provide: -Regular check-in video calls -Emotional and energetic support through text and voice messages -Microdosing supplies and coaching -Connections with like-minded psychedelic and spiritual communities -Recommendations on practices, activities and readings that may help your process

Stage 2

The retreat

This is the peak experience of our journey together. ‍ You will join us for a transformative week in Costa Rica at a stunning retreat center or villa handpicked for you. Our retreat location provides the ideal setting for you to enjoy: -Three Sacred Mushroom Ceremonies -Nature hike and ocean time on integration days -Peaceful accommodations in the Costa Rican jungle. -Morning meditations -Yoga, massage, sound healing, and craniosacral sessions -Freshly pressed juices, smoothies, fresh coconut water, cacao elixirs -Farm-to-table vegetarian / vegan meals -Supportive time with experienced and caring facilitators -Local transport to and from retreat location -Friendship & hugs

Stage 3


After you return home from your time on retreat, we will support your re-entry into daily life as you continue to process the insights, perceptions and visions you’ve experienced. ‍ During the retreat, you will practice some of the building blocks of integration: massage, journaling, meditation, yoga, sound healing, community, sharing circles, nourishing food, and reflective time in nature. We encourage you to develop practices that resonate with you, and to weave them into your daily routine. For many, integration can be a challenging process. Old habits may creep in after a while. You may sense you have “lost” what you gained during the retreat. This is perfectly normal, and a big part of why we offer integration support when you return home. It’s important to create time and space to land and readjust. As part of your commitment to this program, we request that you clear your schedule for at least a few days after your retreat to digest what you’ve experienced. To support you during your 8-week integration phase, we offer: -Emotional and energetic support through text and voice messages -Regular catch-up calls at your convenience -Helpful resources and connections to community, sharing circles, integration specialists/therapists -Microdosing supplies and coaching

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