3-DAY Psychedelic Retreats (Psilocybin Private Retreat)

– 2 Psilocybin Ceremonies
– Chef-Prepared Meals
– Movement & Somatic Workshops
– 7-Day Prep Course
– 4-5 Loving Leaders
– 2-Week Integration
– Luxury Ocean View Villa
– Healing Massage
– Small Group Size
– 1-on-1 Counseling & Integration
– Curated, Personalized Hospitality
– 2-Week 1-on-1 Preparation & Integration
– Curated, Personalized Hospitality


Psychedelic Retreats Bridging Therapy with Psilocybin Mushrooms

Psychedelic Retreats therapy can provide an accelerated path to deep healing, new perspectives, connected, and feelings of well-being. 91% of our retreat guests consider their experience with us “positively life-changing.”Having helped over a thousand guests make significant improvements in their struggles with depression, anxiety, and trauma.

We are one of the longest-serving psychedelic retreat centers in the world. Our goal is to provide an experience that delivers long-lasting benefits and positive change.In our pursuit of a gold-standard retreat model, we have reviewed and adapted the best practices for psychedelic-assisted therapy from prestigious research institutes such as Johns Hopkins University and Imperial College London.

Combining this with beautiful natural environments, we offer a way to explore legal Psychedelic Retreats therapy that is evidence-based and highly effective.  I’m off my antidepressants and proud of myself; I just feel like a more fully integrated person.

That negative critic inside my head has just almost totally shut up. My friends have noticed the difference and are already signing up for their own retreats with Myco!””My anxiety, a “10” going in, varies from zero to one or two. This change is, without a doubt, absolutely astonishing.”

Discover the healing power of psilocybin at one of our week-long retreats.

“I’m convinced eight days with Psychedelic Retreats did more to help heal my psyche than a lifetime of pills/IVs and counseling was ever going to. I frequently see the word “ineffable” used by others to describe their psilocybin experiences, and I’m similarly at a loss for words.”

“It was among the two or three most difficult experiences of my life, but I’ve come out of it with my depression symptoms very much lessened, and I can’t say that for any other treatment I’ve tried over the last 25 years. Steel yourself, come prepared for hard emotional work, and give it your all. You’ll be grateful you did.”

“For over 30 years I have tried every available treatment to alleviate anxiety and depression. These past treatments were only band aids as the inherent problems never really went away. Psilocybin got to the root cause. But what makes Psychedelic Retreats work is the extraordinary group of support staff and the gorgeous natural environment.”

Three Sessions with Psychedelic Retreats During Your Retreat for Intensive Healing.

We use sacred Psychedelic Retreats to heal past traumas, unveil creativity and inspire gratitude. Live medicine music, sound bowl vibrations, calming meditations, and a judgement-free community surround our work. Take a safe, secure adventure into the most mystical area of the universe: your inner self.

When it came to the actual ceremonies, well, it was a first for me. And I was blown away by how deep the journey can be. And with the “tribe” of fellow attendees supporting me and each other, and the careful care we got from the facilitators, I was able to truthfully heal old wounds that were in the way of deep joy and light.

The ceremonies were treated as sacred. They were serious yet playful. They were enhanced and guided with beautiful music and facilitation and provided such an opening to go deep inside, all the while being protected by our fully committed, loving facilitators. The space was SO safe on all levels.

We had an opportunity to share/process as a group, in small groups, and 1 on 1 with facilitators and each other. And being witness to nearly a dozen other people (now my tribe) working thru their “stuff” and supporting me thru mine was undoubtedly magical, and quite an honor.


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