Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic Integration

Details of the Program

Psychedelic Integration is the process of exploring challenges and sharing insights gained during your ceremony. Any feelings, sensations or insights brought up during your retreat can be important in aiding healing; true healing takes place when we accept all our ideas and emotions fully while feeling safe to do so. Professional assistance during this phase can increase chances for long-lasting change; by taking part in integration we create new stories and patterns within ourselves that go well beyond just one ceremony itself.

8 Week Integration Structure.

Week One

Welcome Back! Let's share stories and experiences together.

Week Three

Methods and tools to assist personal development.

Week Five

What are Patterns and Rewriting Your Story.

Week Seven

Plan and implement changes.

Week Two

Adopting Your New Perspective.

Week Four

Triggers and Strategies to Manage Them.

Week Six

What Is Daily Practice?

Week Eight

Reflection on the past eight weeks.

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Our mission is to bring sacred psychedelics and ceremony into the wellness space.

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